How We Work

Our CFO services are customised to meet your requirements. Our CFO expert will work with you to determine the most appropriate list of services for your business.

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Ongoing CFO Service Package

Generally when establishing a recurring monthly CFO service, the following steps will be followed.

1. Preliminary meeting

To understand your business needs and potential CFO services at your business premises if here in Sydney or via phone/skype if located elsewhere. There is no cost to you for this meeting. The scope of any future CFO services will be agreed and documented in a Statement of Work.

2. Analyse

We review your existing financial reporting and perform a business health check. Identify potential cost savings and analyse profitability.

3. Strategise

We identify your goals, agree on metrics, prioritise investments and analyse growth opportunities. Having a strong business plan is your key to success.

4. Implement

We develop dashboards and business metrics relevant to your business strategy and start providing regular reporting to give you greater insight into the business performance.

5. Grow

Ongoing strategic and commercial advice to support business growth while providing strong oversight to current progress. Our CFO expertise will act as a sounding board for decision making.

One-Off CFO Services

Your business may have a specific need that our CFO Services could assist with. A preliminary meeting would be organised to discuss the situation and your requirements. The scope of CFO services would then be discussed and agreed. Common one-off CFO services include:

Strategic Transactions

You may be considering acquiring or selling a business, raising capital, debt structuring or making a significant investment in new capability. We can model and analyse opportunities, prepare investment documentation, interact with potential investors, support due diligence and negotiate terms. Such activities are complicated and time consuming, so we can own the entire process for you.


Business valuations can be required for a variety of reasons, such as owners are curious about its value, partnership issues, determine the value of your unlisted shares, divorce settlements, retirement planning and selling your business.

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